This short-length necklace is created with all natural sandalwood beads that have a  beautiful and subtle scent.  I used genuine peridot gemstone including the three nugget focal beauties, which aren't that easy to get my hands on,  making this a one of a kind treasure!  I added fine silver and sterling silver spacer beads, clasp and loops that complete this necklace to a length of just under 18.5 inches. 

* Peridot truly is an earth stone being one of two gems that are formed in molten rock and forced to the earths service through earthquakes and volcanoes (the other is the diamond). Peridot is also one of few gemstones that is only formed in one colour.

Peridot is a stone of all around well-being which some believe carries properties to open the mind for spiritual growth, awareness and enlightenment. Peridot is said to block negativity like fear and doubt to purify and healing our minds bringing confidence, forgiveness and releasing guilt. With stimulation of our mental well-being our physical body regenerates with healing and balance. Peridot is also said to be a stone to balance the endocrine system as well as stone to aid in digestion.

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