Citrine Stacking Bracelet / Yoga Bracelet

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize

These are all natural 10mm smooth citrine beads hand knotted on gold nylon cord with an adjustable macrame braided closure. The natural inclusions in the beads are super sparkly with a bit of flash and quite unique. This bracelet is simply elegant on its own and compliments many sandalwood and wrap bracelets for the stacked look. It will fit wrist sizes 6 to 7 1/2 inches comfortably and for sizes 8 and up there will be space between the beads at the closure. Please include your wrist size in the message at checkout and I will ensure a comfortable fit.

Citrine is the November birthstone and is also known as the success stone, for those who are interested in the lore that follows these gems. It is a stone of hope and some say it eliminates the negative energies making it a stone of protection.

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